Thursday, January 28, 2016

I usually use this army for attacking at Town Hall 9

  • 2 Dragons in all four elixir barracks (level 2+ required)
  • 4 Hog Riders in both dark elixir barracks (level 2+ required)
  • Spells: Two lightning spell (level 5 required), One heal spell (Level 3+ required), One earthquake spell. NOTE: All spells are essential to this formation!
  • IN TOTAL: 8 dragons, 8 hog riders, two lightning spells, one heal spell.
Why mix ground and air??
Mixing ground and air is generally not a good idea but the great thing about hogs is a)They can jump walls meaning they can do their job quickly enough for heal spell to still be active and b) They don’t get hit by air defences which is their target in this attack.

As you can see in the screenshot below, even with this Clan War strategy and using this base layout, I can easily find loot and anytime I want!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Recommended TH9 War Base

OK so first of all find a match (preferably town hall 8) with one air defense near the outside of the base. Your match should also have more than 20 trophies available so you are not wasting your attacks for small trophies. Remember this is a trophy formation and you should not be worried about loot. That said a little loot never hurt so balance it up depending on how much loot you have to fund future attacks. Now, deploy your hogs beside air defense and drop heal spell on them to make sure they get it. Then place your earthquake and two lightning on the innermost air defense.

This layout:

(IMPORTANT: Deploy earthquake first. It deals percentage damage and therefore more if placed at start. If you place it last, the air defense may not be destroyed leading to a possibly flunked attack.) Now place your dragons in a line along the side with the last remaining air defense. Finally sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
Thanks for reading and if this is not a good enough formation for your site I 100% understand. If any informayion is missing etc. please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Something about the next Clan War strategy for Town Hall 9

Hi guys I am here to talk about a trophy hunting formation for town hall 8’s. Since none of its acronyms actually make any sense I just call it dog. It is a combination of dragons and hog riders ideal for two or three starring most bases. As you get higher into trophies you will find very few town halls outside and very few easy bases to two/three star with barcher/B.A.M. Also with such formations certain unforeseeable things such as giant bombs and air bombs can make you lose a battle which is a real setback in higher leagues. This formation is not risky whatsoever however it requires a lot of loot!

Monday, December 28, 2015

10 Reasons Why you should update your TH9 War Base today

So  the first update performed as expected.  Clash dropped out of the number 1 spot for apple mobile games.  A mild drop to number 2.  But that is the kind of thing that gets people’s attention.  Yes there is always a fair amount of noise about change of any kind.  But the original update was clearly an over correction that somewhat wrecked the economy of the game.  So there are two fixes in the system now that do what I was making noise about.  They generate resources during attacks.  Or more to the point they generate enough resources that attacking in farm mode is not a totally boneheaded thing to do.

That was what I was seeing after the initial update.  The more you attacked, the less resources there were in the game.  People were draining the game of purple and gold to pump up DE.  So of course the 1 gem boost came in and everyone with a brain boosted the DE drills and you saw the results of that.  Most our big guys hopped to DCA and fought hero down.  Now that episode of our history is drawing to a close.  But it was clearly there in the DCA war vs punak where all our big guys had one hero down.  That war went about as badly as you would expect.

Anyway we are getting back to normal now that the gem boost is over.  The update gave you the treasury which is rock solid. Unlike the prior CC rooftop storage, this is unbreakable.  In my case I can cache 2.6 Million of resources there.  Meaning for an 8 Mill upgrade I only need 5.4 million in the lootable storage.  That is huge for the low defense cities.  Famous is a 10 playing without inferno’s.  So this makes that 9.1 construct of ours much more viable.  Lab does go down for a few days, but I am pretty sure I can get all my upgrades done.  In general what I do is try to clean 9’s in war with golems when I am trying to save up for a big purple upgrade. Much cheaper than Drag 5 atts. Right now it is Pekka 5 that I am holding for.  It will be a day or two more but it is looking like I will get there.
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