Thursday, January 28, 2016

I usually use this army for attacking at Town Hall 9

  • 2 Dragons in all four elixir barracks (level 2+ required)
  • 4 Hog Riders in both dark elixir barracks (level 2+ required)
  • Spells: Two lightning spell (level 5 required), One heal spell (Level 3+ required), One earthquake spell. NOTE: All spells are essential to this formation!
  • IN TOTAL: 8 dragons, 8 hog riders, two lightning spells, one heal spell.
Why mix ground and air??
Mixing ground and air is generally not a good idea but the great thing about hogs is a)They can jump walls meaning they can do their job quickly enough for heal spell to still be active and b) They don’t get hit by air defences which is their target in this attack.

As you can see in the screenshot below, even with this Clan War strategy and using this base layout, I can easily find loot and anytime I want!


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